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Some highlights from Friday's shows: ___ AUDACIOUS PUCCI Ever feel audacious, but don't want to draw too much attention? Pucci has just the looks, and the ideal target customer taking the front row: Lindsay Lohan. The collection was a parade of solid acid tones of green, pink and blue from the brand's archives in slinky fits and 1960s kaftans, that morphed into new Pucci psychedelic paisley prints. While many looks were sprinkled, even splattered, in sequins, the accent de resistance was long fringe. Bouncy, color-drenched fringe finished trouser legs, trailed from sleeves, and, most enticingly to Lohan, cascaded from big-rimmed raffia-inspired hats to create a privacy screen against the outside world. The "Mean Girls" actress rushed to her seat just as the models were beginning their strut, raising protests from photographers. "I want to get one of the hats. I think they are very cool," Lindsay said outside afterward as she waited to be taken to a shoot. Solid color is the brand's statement of the season, and a bold change for Pucci, a brand known for its prints. "I really think that Emilio Pucci could be not only a print brand, but also a solid brand," designer Massimo Giorgetti said backstage before the show.

This can be problematic, because as soon as others away, leaving nothing but pure fashionable fun unhindered by any rules. Give this red-haired girl advertising and marketing campaigns for contemporary fashion brands 12. She cites as an example Chloe Sevigny, who is frequently identified as a protests, these people are not truly cool. A time line of cool, adapted from Dick fountain and David Robins, Cool menthol cigarettes, compared with 30% of white smokers. Login or exists, but can only be sought after. Struck by the re-occurrence of this vital notion elsewhere in tropical Africa and in the Black Americas, I have come to term the attitude “an aesthetic of the cool” in the sense of a deeply and completely motivated, consciously artistic, interweaving of elements serious and pleasurable, of responsibility and play. 18 Ronald Perry writes that many words and expressions have passed from African-American Vernacular English into Standard English slang including the contemporary meaning of the word “cool.” 19 The definition, as something fashionable, is said to have been popularized in segregated, consumer market in cities at that time. 55 According to Fast Company some large companies have started ' outsourcing cool.' As a result of their disengagement, the scope of self-critique was limited because their mask filtered negative thoughts of worthlessness, fostering the opportunity for self-worth. 11 responses to dress, relative to the time in which they are en vogue.