Some Helpful Guidance On Necessary Factors In Lunches

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Mr. Kobler stressed that it is completely unacceptable for armed groups to fight to assert their interest and control, particularly in residential areas, terrorizing the population. The UN Mission is in contact with the parties on the ground to urge an immediate end to this fighting. Mr. Kobler reiterated the need to implement the security arrangements of the Libyan Political Agreement to rid Libyan cities of armed groups and restore order and security for the people of Libya. COLOMBIA: BILATERAL CEASEFIRE, LAYING DOWN OF ARMS BEGAN ON 1 DECEMBER U.N. MISSION The UN Mission in Colombia says that following the ratification of the peace agreement by the Colombian Congress, the Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP) announced that D-Day, the start of the calendar for the bilateral ceasefire and the laying down of arms by the FARC-EP, is 1 December. Within days, and depending on adequate logistical conditions, FARC-EP members will begin their movement towards the areas where ceasefire and the laying down of arms will take place.